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Association Transgenre Wallonie
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Wallonia Transgender Association

The right to be yourself

e droit d'être soi.

Why this site ?

Transidentity is still considered as a mental illness. Nevertheless the will to see us as 'normal people', the medical corps still require psychic and psychologic advice before letting us have access to medical care and surgery. Inside the association you will be supported and helped to carry on your transition to your pace and according to your choices.

On this site you will find a lot of useful and necessary information to be able to transition without worrying about the adversities of the transition and a certain malevolent patriarchal and judeo christian society. And for the grumpy one beware this site is not intended to fight against anyone or anything. This site's conception is based on only one word that the human beings from the XXI century don't know the meaning anymore : "solidarity".


who are we ?

An association of transgender people of all ages that collaborates with the Rain'Gaum association of the province of Luxembourg. This movement led by the founders of the association is open to all. Despite our situation in the green province, all transgender people are welcome. It's free ! You have questions, you want help, do not hesitate... Contact us. Your relatives and close friends are also welcome. You are a caring cisgender person, eager to inform you, do not hesitate to come and ask your questions. It will be a pleasure to receive you and answer you.

The beginnings

Since the new law on change of identity for transgender people came into force, more and more people are coming out of the closet and openly coming out as transgender. This situation has revealed a glaring lack of associations specializing in this field in the Walloon region. Many people saw themselves forced to go to other regions or even sometimes other countries to meet associations capable of providing them with the information necessary for the smooth running of their transition. Seven people from the provinces of Liège, Namur and Luxembourg whose transition is complete or on the way to being and who met on occasion in a private setting, decided to create this new association in order to pool their experiences. and to share it with all transgender people who contact them. This is how the Wallonia Transgender Association (WTA) was born.

Its services

WELCOME of all people in the TQIA+ community (transgender, queer, intersex, non-binary and fluid agenres) without any distinction of race, sex, color, philosophical or religious conviction... for all its activities and meetings.

SUPPORT for the humanist and freedom values enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights.

SPECIFIC SUPPORT granted to children and adolescents in their efforts to begin or continue their transition.

DEFENSE of all members of the TQIA+ community against transphobic acts.

LISTENING and support of people who address our association without judgment or criticism but with kindness.

IMPROVEMENT of the benevolence of cis-normative people towards our community.

PROTECTION of all TQIA+ people so that they can freely be who they are without the slightest constraint and that they are no longer forced to be what they are not fundamentally.

EMANCIPATION of TQIA+ people without stigmatizing prejudice in their social life.

HELP for TQIA+ people in their individual development.

TRAINING on the transidentity of social workers and gender-related health personnel with kindness.

School ANIMATION on transidentity with the aim of educating students on transidentity and breaking stereotypes related to gender.

ORGANIZATION of all activities inherent in its statutes.

And for people far from the headquarters of the association ?

Throughout the year, a specific email address is available to any transgender person who wishes to receive information whether legal, medical, psychological or social.

Possibility to obtain an individual interview with the "transidentity expert" of the association either face-to-face or by videoconference for very distant people.

People from each of the provinces of Wallonia and members of the association will be trained to listen and support.

Provision of documentation and reviews on transidentity and its situation in society.

Contact with the medical profession

Regular contacts are made with Walloon endocrinologists working for transgender people in order to improve their care by avoiding degrading and unnecessary psychiatrization. 

This does not mean that the work of psychologists is useless, but it must be at the service of transgender people who feel the need, not to know if they are really transgender but to help them move forward and accept their state as transgender people.

A collaboration with several endocrinologists has been set up to allow transgender people to have rapid access to hormonal treatments without neglecting the medical and psychological aspect of certain situations.

Regular survey of the Walloon health network in order to find "transfriendly" specialists who agree to collaborate with the association.

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