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Why be yourself, if not to be happy ?

Introduction: ADHEOS Association - France, department of Charente and Charente-maritime :

Transidentity is the fact, for a person, to feel in the depths of his being that his birth assignment is in total disagreement with the feelings that underpin his personality. It is also the intimate and personal experience of his feelings as a woman, a man or neither of the two or even another. This includes in particular the personal awareness one has of one's body and one's identity.

You don't become transgender. We are from birth. This feeling sleeps until the day it decides to manifest itself and this is not conscious. It arises without any warning and it is this spontaneity that causes a lot of uneasiness and worries to the people who feel it. And everyone reacts as he can with his faculties to assume easily or not. A multitude of questions of all kinds and of all kinds arise in the minds of those concerned.

The very first of these questions calls into question our normality as human beings! What is going on? Am I crazy? Am I abnormal? We must find answers to these questions and it is not always easy to navigate through all the information that abounds on the Web and in the many books published by people concerned by the subject or not.

Once the person finally realizes that they are neither abnormal nor crazy but simply different, comes the question of whether they are going to be able to continue living their life in their gender assigned at birth or will they want to assume its difference. If she chooses to remain in her gender assigned at birth, her sense of trans identity will become more and more oppressive until the day when she has only one choice left: "assume herself or disappear" !

If, on the other hand, she chooses to assume her difference, a new multitude of questions arises for her. How am I going to handle myself? How am I going to go about informing my family, my friends, my colleagues, my living environment in general? What am I going to have to do to finally be in tune with my deep personality? What is a Transition? Are there things that must be done? It is at this precise moment that the best thing to do is to contact an association specializing in this theme. Above all, do not compare yourself to another transgender person around you or an influencer on the Web. Know that you are unique and therefore it is very risky to compare yourself to other people.

If the person decides to transition, then will come other questions. What kind of transition will she make? Simply adopt a gender expression as close as possible to his felt gender, nothing more. This is called a social transition. Or will she ask for hormone replacement therapy? Will she want to undergo reassignment operations? It is then a question of a medical transition. Will she ask to change her identity? Choose a first name that conforms to the gender felt and ask that her birth certificate be modified to finally be designated as the girl or the boy she should have always been? This is then a legal transition. You should know that none of this is mandatory.

From the moment this person has made the decision to transition, until their death, they will remain a transgender person even if, when their transition is complete, the vast majority of people they meet will consider them the woman or the man whose gender expression she displays by having a very successful passing.

But it's not just trans women and men. There are people with a fluid gender who are sometimes a little more male than female or vice versa, then who are a bit of both at the same time or who combine the masculine or feminine gender with another more neutral gender. And finally, there are all those people who are neither feminine nor masculine. These are non-binary people such as agenders and neuters or semi-genders.

It is for this reason that we do not speak of transidentity but of trans identities because they are multiple. We would be tempted to write that there are as many transidentities as there are transgender people.

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