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Nobody has the right to impose on us to be who we are

not nor to forbid us to be who we are.

Our demands

The right to complete self-determination.

It's been a few years since the World Health Office (WHO) finally showed some respect for the transgender community by finally deigning to remove transidentity from mental illness. This approach has apparently not reached the ears of the Belgian medical profession, which still and always requires the approval of a shrink to give us hormonal treatment or allow us to have access to reassignment surgery.

In view of this discriminating and infamous situation with regard to transgender people, we ask the Belgian legislator to enact a law whose first article will mention that "transidentity is not a disease but a condition and that only the person affected by this state has the right to decide what she wants to do to bring her body into harmony with this state without being subject to the diktat of psychiatrists and psychologists".

This demand in no way excludes the possibility for some transgender people to have recourse to the support of a psychologist validly trained in the subject of transidentity when they feel the need for it.

Job security after coming out.

It very often happens that a transgender person is fired some time after having come out in their professional environment. Suddenly, after coming out of the closet, the transgender person loses all his mental and professional faculties because the administration of the company begins a systematic hunt for the slightest mistake made by this person. Even if all previous years have been performed in an exemplary manner, it takes very little time for the work provided to become of very poor quality and that person's conduct leaves something to be desired. In order to prevent hypocritical bosses from indulging in this circus, the legislator must impose a period of five years after coming out during which any dismissal of the person will be prohibited without an investigation having been carried out by an independent social service. The costs of the investigation will be borne by the employer whether or not it is proven that the transgender employee has committed a fault. This five-year period should allow the transgender person to seek another job if they feel that their situation is deteriorating within the service in which they work.

End of compulsory assignment at birth

When a child is born, its parents are required to declare it to the competent civil registrar. They are required to declare a boy or a girl. It is a lack of respect, an attack on the personality of this little being who is pointing the tip of his nose. It is an automatic assignment on the basis of non-essential and fragmented elements in the determination of the gender of this child. I talk about gender because sex is an intimate thing and should remain so. No one needs to know what their neighbor has in their panties. If parents could simply declare "a child" at birth, it would change nothing for society and would prevent ± 3% of these children from having to come out and transition one day. You will tell me that 3% is very little, too little to grant them this concession! In Belgium, 3% of 11,350,000 inhabitants, this represents 340,500 people who will have to suffer discrimination and sarcasm so that the rest of the population is doing well ! It is simply inhuman! And for Wallonia, this represents 109,320 people. During this assignment, the doctor, the midwife, the nurse or the pediatrician have a chance in two, three or four of screwing up and rotting the life of a child by stealing his right to self-determination.

Right to self-determination for children

From the age of 4, a child is able to assert who he is. Before, there is nothing to do. When he says: "I am a boy" or "I am a girl", he will speak of his deep feelings, of his intimate conviction, completely ignoring any sexual desire. It is this declaration, often to his mother, which can (without being an obligation) be used to make the procedure with the officer of civil status in order to put his birth certificate in conformity with his self-determination. It will therefore be necessary to allow each child to determine himself at a time of his life without age limit. This means that the birth certificate can simply inform "a child" for a very long time. And this self-determination must be able to be reviewed if the child has made a mistake or has another feeling because he must be given the right to make mistakes and a person's personality is not built in a day or on the spur of the moment. head.

Right for a child to make mistakes and to modify their self-determination

The child must be allowed to make mistakes or to have a completely different feeling than the one he had a few years earlier. This is in order to have respect for the personality of each human being and to avoid this interference of society in determining a person's gender. You have to be able to accept that the person made a mistake at some point in their life or simply has another intimate conviction, like people with a fluid gender. By virtue of his self-determination, he must be given the opportunity to come back to this other feeling to have his gender changed. When he is of age, if he still wishes to change gender, he will have to do so in application of the law on transidentity. This means that for a very long period, it will be possible for the person to have their gender changed without any prejudice to the rest of their life.

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