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You have to be yourself simply, fully, without abdication, without the desire to diminish others.

The different transitions


Before detailing the different transitions that can be made by transgender people, there are a few concepts to remember because they influence the journey of each person who takes this long path, often full of sadness and pain but whose end is a fire. of artifice so much this final achievement was desired, desired and impatiently awaited.

Some people want to "transition" that is, change certain aspects of their personality and sometimes even their body to better reflect their true gender identity. They thus think that they can no longer undergo the dysphoria of society since they will be close or even very close to the gender with which they identify.

And if even the person does not want to transition, it is his strictest right. It is not this decision that will prevent him from defining himself as a transgender person.

In the Trans* community, some people are "fundamentalists", meaning that for them, to be transgender, you have to be or have been in transition at some point in your life. Very often, these same people make a difference between people who have had surgery and those who have not, going so far as to designate people without hormones as "transvestites" without worrying about how they feel.

So, whatever those sorrowful spirits think, a transgender person is someone who has a deep sense of belonging to a different gender than the one they were assigned at birth and it doesn't matter, whether they are hormonal or not, operated or not.

Important principles

Since every human being is biologically different, every transition is different.

We must therefore avoid making comparisons between the transitions of two transgender people.

What is true for one is not necessarily so for the other and vice versa.

A transition is not linear. It is done according to the feelings and desires of each person concerned by the subject. During a transition, it can happen that it becomes impossible because of the problems of access to services, the costs that this implies or even experiences of rejection or violence or simply because of a lack of courage to continue on this path. .

In a transition, there is nothing mandatory. There is no legal text that governs this stage of your life. Only the choices you make freely will become binding on you.

You will never have to justify your choices. It is not for anyone to criticize them or ask you questions about them.

Psychologists and psychiatrists have no legal right to intervene in your transition. If you feel the need to consult one of these mental health specialists, it will be up to you to choose freely which of these people you will consult. And she too will have nothing to impose on you in the course of your transition.

Your health insurance does not have to require you to consult such and such a doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist either. You remain the sole master of choosing to consult whoever you want. And if she threatens you not to intervene in the costs, that is simply called blackmail. So, do not hesitate to change mutual.

Services dedicated to transidentity

A word on the "support unit in transidentity" of the CHU of Li├Ęge, the only one existing in Wallonia.

Apparently, this service only has psychiatrists and psychologists who are not essential players in the process of a transition.

First of all, because transidentity is not a mental illness. Moreover, it is not simply a disease. It took time for the World Health Organization (WHO) to recognize and accept it, but this body finally removed it from mental illness in 2019.

Then, only the person concerned must have the choice to consult or not a psychiatrist whatever he is. Most transgender people have no need to seek the services of such a therapist.

This service leaves the clear impression that it wants, at all costs, to maintain transidentity within the bosom of psychiatry. I guess it's a way for him to justify the use of the huge amount he received from the former federal health minister.

For my part, I was forced to attend him for six months. I wasted my time and my money there. I was subjected to examinations and tests which I still wonder today what they could have been used for. I have never received any results from these tests and examinations. After these six months, when I presented myself to the consultation of the endocrinologist, she had still not received their authorization to place me on hormonal treatment. She had to phone in front of me to have a fax with the authorization sent to her. But that was in another era (+/- 20 years).

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