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In front of some people, it is dangerous to be yourself.

Safeguarding gametes

A gamete is a mature male (sperm) or female (oocyte) cell that unites with another gamete of the opposite sex to be fertilized and then give rise to an embryo.

In Belgium, the law of 6 July 2007 relating to medically assisted procreation (MAP) and the destination of supernumerary embryos and gametes governs the conditions for donation and safeguarding.

The law provides that the donor must be between 18 and 45 years old and be in good health, which will have been verified by prior tests.

Article 37 of this law authorizes the removal of gametes for a parental project or cryopreservation for a later parental project.

In Wallonia and Brussels, there are centers for "medically assisted procreation" (MAP) which are authorized to save sperm and oocytes. Two of them are not "transfriendly" and refuse to take into consideration the requests of transgender people who come to them.

So there is only one left that we can rely on so far. If you are interested, you can request the contact details for this service from the person in charge of the transgender group by email or telephone.

Below is the procedure as recommended so that it remains easy both medically and administratively.

Before contacting the MAP center :

The first important thing to take into account is that you must not have started hormone treatment yet because this will make the collection much more difficult.

The second important thing to do is to have made your legal transition. It is easier for the medical service to store the gametes in the final name of the applicant rather than having to subsequently search for the stored sample to register it in another name.

The third important thing is to ask the attending physician to order a blood test to ensure that the donor does not have hepatitis b or c, HIV (AIDS) or a sexually transmitted disease ( STDs) such as syphilis.

During the consultation :

Bring the results of the blood test with you.

It may take several consultations to obtain a valid gamete donation. All this depends on the quality and quantity of gametes obtained during the first consultation.

Listen carefully to the explanations of the doctor who will see you because the conditions for using gametes are very strict.

Payment :

Conservation of gametes costs 100 euros for the first ten years.

After this period, to continue the conservation, it will be necessary to pay again 100 euros but only for two years.

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