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Physical appearance is not the essence of personality

but is important for passing.

Cosmetic surgeries

Feminization surgeries

Facial feminization surgery techniques are derived from maxillofacial and reconstructive surgery, as well as general plastic and aesthetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery for the body feminization of an MtF transgender person is essentially located on the face, hips and buttocks.

Figure Feminization is for transgender women in the process of transitioning from male to female. This procedure, along with facial feminization surgery, is very important for transgender women.

It allows them to reclaim their bodies and to be socially recognized in their feminine identity. It allows undeniable comfort, harmony and social acceptance to the transgender community.

The objective of feminization surgery is to transform certain parts of the body of male patients, in order to best approximate a female morphology.

The different feminization surgeries

There is the remodeling of different parts of the body which usually are very different between a man and a woman.

1. The three main ones are :

    a. breast reshaping

    b. buttock reshaping

    c. hip reshaping

2. Some more rigorous people will go as far as calf contouring.

Then there is Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS). She understands :

1. Reduction of forehead bumps (removal of protruding edges above the eyes)

2. Eyebrow and/or forehead lift.

3. Advancement of the scalp (part of the scalp).

4. Cheekbone reshaping.

5. Nasal correction.

6. Lip lift.

7. Chin reshaping.

8. Adam's apple correction.

Candidates for these surgeries must wait until their cranial bones have stopped growing before undergoing it

Masculinization surgeries

Masculinizing cosmetic surgeries are less well known because male hormones (testosterone) have much greater effects on the bodies of transgender men.

Indeed, masculinizing hormone therapy will cause the appearance of male hair as well as the modification of the tone of the voice which will become lower. These effects are not found in feminizing hormone therapy.

As long as the transgender man practices a sport regularly, his muscles will tone up. This will allow him little by little to obtain a more masculine build.

One of the few things that will require possible surgery is hip reshaping. Removal of the chest in a transgender man is not cosmetic surgery but reconstructive surgery because it is performed as part of torsoplasty.

Some people with an overly feminine face may, like transgender women, undergo facial masculinization surgery in which all aspects of the face can be modified.

This will be particularly the case for the eyebrow arches, the cheekbones and the chin.

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