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For a transgender woman,

a hairless face is a sign of femininity.


Hair removal is the permanent removal of hair from the skin of transgender women. It can concern all parts of the body, from the most visible to the most intimate.

Hairiness is one of the main players in puberty. It is for this reason that it is essential to allow very young transgender adolescents to have access to feminizing hormone therapy which will prevent the development of hair on all parts of the body. These hairs, the more they are present on the body, the more they are a source of growing discomfort as their abundant presence.

Considering that hormones react differently on each type of hair, the ideal is to start the first hair removal when puberty ends. You should know that feminizing hormones do not prevent the appearance of hair but they are less difficult to remove. However, it is quite different with the hairs of the beard and the mustache. Feminizing hormones prevent them from appearing in large numbers.

The key question is which technique to use. These methods are mainly five.

1. Razor hair removal

2. Hair removal using wax

3. Electric hair removal

4. Pulsed light hair removal

5. Laser hair removal

The first two are only temporary hair removal because the hair grows back quite quickly.

The other three are qualified as permanent hair removal although the hairs can grow back but more sporadically and less quickly.

Razor hair removal

Its principle is to cut the hair flush, without tearing the bulb. Depending on your skin and hair type, shaving allows you to have soft skin for only two or three days. Then it's regrowth! It's counter-intuitive and yet : you shouldn't shave the wrong way.

The following principles should hold your attention :

1. The razor is not used everywhere : the hairs grow back thicker when they are shaved. Avoid on face and arms.

2. The razor does not reduce hair growth because its principle is to cut the hair flush without touching the bulb.

3. The hairs grow back in two or even three days depending on the nature of your skin and that of the hairs.

4. Sensitive areas should be shaved in the direction of hair growth. These areas will take revenge with the appearance of small pimples.

5. It is imperative to prepare the area to be shaved with a foam provided for this purpose. Shampoo is not appropriate.

6. The razor must be handled with care because it is a device equipped with sharp blades which can injure.

7. It is necessary to exfoliate the skin the day before shaving. This causes the appearance of small

    pimples and ingrown hairs during regrowth. It is therefore important to remove dead skin.

8. Better to shave at night. As shaving removes dead cells from the upper layer of the epidermis, the skin has

    less natural defences, it is sensitive and weakened. She thus has the night to regenerate.

9. You have to invest in a quality razor and consider it as a very personal and intimate good. So don't lend it to your

    friend and also don't borrow his. Also change it regularly after 5 or even a maximum of 6 shaves.

Hair removal using wax

Hot wax is a molten resin that traps hairs, whether short, fine, long or coarse, and pulls them out along with their roots. Hot wax is mainly used to depilate areas like the legs, arms, armpits and bikini area.

But, if you are not cozy and you have the precise gesture, you can also try waxing the more sensitive areas of the face and in particular the eyebrows.

The wax used comes in the form of small resin balls to be melted.

On the market, it can be found in the form of a roll-on or a jar to be heated in the microwave or even as pebbles to be melted in a special wax heater for home hair removal.

You can also go to a beauty salon that does this type of hair removal.

Applied to the skin using a wooden spatula or a roll-on which pours a dose of wax continuously, the depilatory wax, once dry, is torn off with a sharp blow. It is most effective when hot.

Advantages of this method :

1. The heat opens the pores of the skin and the hair pulls out more easily.

2. The other major advantage is that hot wax hair removal provides peace of mind for 3 to 4 weeks.

Electric hair removal

Electric hair removal by electrolysis is the oldest method of permanent hair removal. It remains the most effective method to overcome this recalcitrant hairiness.

It must be performed by a dermatologist or an aesthetic doctor.

It consists of sending a small electric shock using a small needle into the bulb of the hair to prevent its regrowth. The electrical impulse causes a natural chemical reaction called electrolysis.

As the areas to be depilated are treated hair by hair, this permanent hair removal technique takes longer than the others and requires several sessions, which, depending on the body hair, can be costly.

The hair follicle releases caustic soda, which leads to the permanent destruction of the hair.

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