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Body virilization surgeries

When you can't be yourself, it's completely useless to exist.

Sex reassignment surgery or sex reassignment surgery (CRS) is a set of surgical operations to modify the initial sexual characteristics in order to obtain the appearance of the opposite sex. Other terms are sometimes used such as "gender affirmation surgery", or "gender reassignment" which is generally considered incorrect.

The surgical act which is not motivated by the modification or the removal of a diseased organ, or the replacement by a healthy organ, mainly concerns transidentity. The justifications for this act may be different depending on the patient, especially since the surgical results do not offer the same results; phalloplasty is not the aesthetic and functional equivalent of vaginoplasty. In adults, it is only done at the request of the patient.

The surgeon may require that a careful psychological examination be carried out in order to ensure the solidity of the request. For transgender people, real life experience is mandatory and hormonal treatment must be in progress to validate the request. In current medical practice, a diagnosis is necessary to benefit from the sex reassignment process.

Female-to-Male "sex reassignment surgery" is the set of surgical procedures that alter certain female anatomical characteristics in order to provide physical characteristics appropriate to male identity and functioning as a male. trans.

Many trans men do not opt for genital reassignment surgery; the most common surgical options include :

bilateral mastectomy (removal of the breasts)

hysterectomy (removal of internal organs)

Sex reassignment surgery is preceded by taking testosterone-based hormones.

Sometimes you may succeed in growing a beard, modifying your voice, dressing in a masculine way and hiding your shapes, but the operation will be necessary... Because yes for many, being a man means having a penis and testicles.

As you can imagine, this operation is more technical for an FTM than for an MTF. Where the second will just need the penis removed by building lips, the first will need a penis and testicles to be created from scratch. Extremely precise and technical work that can only be done by renowned surgeons.

Not all transgender men choose to have surgery. Everyone decides whether or not they are satisfied with the appearance of their body without the surgery. Trans male bodies come in all shapes and sizes, just like cisgender bodies. There are actually three types of surgeries you can choose to have to look more masculine.

The main surgeries in the context of a reassignment to the male gender :

Phalloplasty (with or without construction of the urethra)

Metaidoplasty (innovative alternative surgery to phalloplasty).

Scrotoplasty (construction of the bursa for the testicles).

Implant insertions (penile and testicular).

Hysterectomy (partial or total).

oophorectomy (removal of the ovaries).

Mastectomy (removal of the breasts).

Soon, all these operations will be explained and detailed in the booklet entitled "On the way to transition" which is currently being written and which will eventually be available from the secretariat of our association.

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