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Transgender teens

Prohibiting a teenager from transitioning :

a very high risk of condemning him to suicide.

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When an adolescent becomes aware that his condition, which was assigned to him at birth, is in total disagreement with his deep feelings, his identity can be called into question. Imagine : having to dress like a boy (or a girl) and having to behave like that when these situations are absolutely contradictory with your most intimate feelings. They can quickly cause persistent discomfort.

The hope of getting out of it often depends on a "coming out" with the parents. But this hope is tenuous because the experience of other teenagers who have gone through this stage shows that the welcome given is too often inhuman, authoritarian and malevolent. So, for fear of facing such an atmosphere, the adolescent may prefer to be silent, to close in on himself, to feel more and more hatred vis-à-vis his relatives and society. This situation can end in deep depression and unfortunately still too often find a dramatic epilogue in suicide in the worst case.

But fortunately, it is not always so hopeless. Teenagers may find a warm welcome from their parents, or at least from one of them. They can then take the step of contacting an association like ours.

Some other parents, more reserved, will gradually accept this new identity, while seeking correct information on what transidentity is, on its consequences and on the way in which they will be able to help their child so that he is well in his personality.

Finally, unfortunately, there are the "totally closed parents" who react very negatively, going so far as to reject the teenager from the home or impose "psychiatric therapy" on him to put "the ideas in place". These "pseudo therapies" are dangerous, ineffective, strongly contested by a large part of public opinion and rejected by transgender associations. But fortunately, this situation is not a generality.

Transidentity is neither a disease nor a psychosis but is an inexplicable state probably due to a multitude of currently undetermined physical and chemical elements. It is therefore important that these suffering teenagers receive help and a lot of love from their parents, who should never hesitate to contact an association. They are there to help you! But how to help these teenagers in search of their felt gender identity ?

The first thing to remember is that hormone therapy is most effective when taken as early as possible at the onset of puberty. Indeed, let's take a 10-year-old boy as an example. When he enters his period of puberty, a large number of small physical details will show him the marks of virility. If he feels like a girl, imagine his suffering seeing that the hairs are growing all over his body, hearing his voice change and sometimes becoming very serious, imagining how he will be a few years later.

So, to prevent this physical and psychic disaster, there are two possibilities. Either give him puberty blockers that will prevent his body from evolving towards adult male virility, or put him directly on feminizing hormone therapy.

The second option is the best because it will be so effective that five years later no one will be able to guess that this girl was born assigned a boy. By acting in this way, she is guaranteed a future life that is fully integrated into her feminine role within society.

And it is perfectly useless to think: "yes, but what if he was wrong?" When at 10 years old, you pretend to be a girl, you will still pretend to be 60 years later. We do not change gender to do well but only to live in harmony with our deep feelings.

And for parents insensitive to the suffering of their child, I invite you to meditate on this article of the law which is the foundation of Belgian society. :

Article 22bis of the Belgian Constitution

Every child has the right to respect for his moral, physical, psychological and sexual integrity.

Every child has the right to express themselves on any matter that concerns them; his opinion is taken into consideration, taking into account his age and his discernment.

Every child has the right to benefit from the measures and services that contribute to their development.

In any decision that concerns him, the interest of the child is taken into consideration in a primordial way.

And a teenager is a child, your child maybe !

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