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Gender fluid people

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Definition :

Gender fluid : is said of a person whose gender oscillates between masculinity and femininity or another gender.

However, we must be very careful when using this term because there is too often confusion. Some people think that these people are not transgender and that they keep cisgender privileges.

And it gets even more complicated when the person conjugates not only the masculine and the feminine but also the neuter or any other gender !

Let's take an example: a person assigned boy at birth feels just as girly and sometimes even genderless. In fact, this person is not a cisgender man since he also feels like a woman but also genderless. This person is therefore not cisgender and therefore does not retain the privileges reserved for this category of the population.

Furthermore, she is neither a cis woman nor a trans woman as her gender fluctuates between male, female and agender. She will always remain a gender-fluid neutral person.

It's not simple, but let's just keep in mind that a gender-fluid person is above all a human being who has the right to respect and self-determination.

Calling oneself gender fluid has nothing to do with transidentity, which corresponds to those of being born in a man's body when one defines oneself as feminine, or born in a woman's body when 'one defines oneself as masculine (with the possibility of transition, and of a sexual reattribution operation).

It's not being intersex either (see, that gets a little complicated, right?). Intersex means that the body is not clearly masculine or feminine, that the person does not find himself in either of these two genders, the only ones recognized in our Western societies.

The definition of gender fluid is still porous. People who define themselves in this way do not necessarily set the same boundaries. To give a very broad definition, we could include all those who, in their gender identity, do not feel themselves to be either completely male or completely female, or both male and female, or even a man born in a human body. woman or vice versa.

In reality, according to the testimonials (from stars but also on social networks) that flood the web, to be gender fluid would rather be to change gender during one's life. It is to feel like a woman one day and a man the next. So yes, in general, it is not well framed, at the rate of every other week and half of the holidays.

Asked about this subject an American star, model and photographer with an androgynous face, said the following :

"I don't identify with any gender. I'm not a man, I don't really feel like a woman, even though I was born that way. So I'm somewhere in the middle, which in my perfect imagination is like bring together the best of both sexes.

I chose not to make choices based on my gender. So I change my appearance and it depends on how I feel in the morning, one day I want to jog, another day of heels."

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