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The freedom to be oneself, which everyone must try to achieve, cannot be hindered by anyone.

The Parents of transgender

children and teenagers

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Parenting a transgender child or adolescent is not an easy task because it is sudden, unexpected and unexpected. In many cases, parents first ask themselves a multitude of questions, among which we frequently find the following :

1. What could I have done wrong to make my child come to such an end ?

2. What did I miss in his upbringing for him to evolve into this surreal situation ?

3. Why does this happen to us when we have always done everything to keep it within the societal norm ?

4. What can we do and who can we go to to pass on this fad ?

5. Is there any medicine that can cure him of this illogical feeling ?

Well, dear parents, rest assured (if we can put it that way). You haven't done anything wrong, you haven't missed anything in his upbringing, there's nothing that can cure him and even less no one has the ability to make him pass this fad that is not a ! There is no medicine either because it is not a disease.

If your child has just declared to you that he does not feel like a boy (or girl) but that he feels like a girl (or boy), know that it is not a fad, nor a whim but it is a feeling. deep that he feels in his personality. It doesn't matter whether he's still a child (under 12) or a teenager (under 18). This feeling is well anchored in his personality. He talks to you about it because it makes him suffer and by revealing himself in this way, he calls you to his rescue, hoping that you will understand him and help him.

From this moment, his happiness is in your hands or rather hangs on your good heart. If you really love him like a mother and a father, you will become attentive to his request and you will help him to live his harmonious transition into the person he feels to be in the depths of his body. On the other hand, if you enter into a sad, absurd and ridiculous authoritarian logic, you will become his "executioners".

If he has a strong enough character, he won't talk to you about it anymore, will close in on himself, will become a "professional liar", will play comedy to make you believe that he is good in his person. When he reaches legal majority, they will forget you cursing you for having made him suffer so much and he will still make his transition to become who he really is forever !

On the other hand, if he is in a fragile state of mind, you will definitely lose him too, but probably much sooner because it would not be surprising if he tries to commit suicide several times to finally succeed ! Is this the kind of situation you want to live in ?

To enable you to make your decisions in full knowledge of the facts, article 22bis of the Constitution of Belgium can guide you. This law which is the foundation of our country has provided for things clearly.

Article 22 bis of the Constitution of Belgium is part of Title II "On Belgians and their rights". It guarantees the rights of the child.

Every child has the right to respect for his moral, physical, psychological and sexual integrity.

Every child has the right to express themselves on any matter that concerns them; his opinion is taken into consideration, taking into account his age and his discernment.

Every child has the right to benefit from the measures and services that contribute to their development.

In any decision that concerns him, the interest of the child is taken into consideration in a primordial way.

The law, decree or rule referred to in Article 134 guarantees these rights of the child.

You are therefore well informed and even "warned" because this article does not allow you to base yourself simply on your personal and/or religious convictions to oppose your child's transition. You will have to find other arguments than those too often heard so far !

One last piece of advice: don't expect to find a specialist in the field of transidentity among psychologists and psychiatrists trained in European universities. Their training on this subject is "zero" and therefore they do not know what they are talking about because for them transidentity is a mental illness. Which is entirely false ! Transidentity is a condition and not a disease. There is no remedy to cure it !

And if, despite everything you have just read, you persist in being stubborn and refusing the well-being of your children, I invite you to return to the menu of the site and click on the button "To you parents!" in the "Trans* people" section. We are going to put you in front of your responsibilities by informing you about what your attitude is likely to cause.

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