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Being able to be yourself in a loving family is part of fulfilling happiness for all

The family of transgender people

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The family is made up (in addition to the mother and the father) of brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins, cousins as well as all the members of blended families.

It is most often among these members that one will be found who, through their lack of intelligence, their limited and closed mind, their lack of empathy, will lead the fratricidal struggle against the transgender person. All pretexts will be good to try to rally as many people as possible to his theory of the inadmissible. From the most absurd to the most eccentric, all the preconceived ideas and all the unverifiable and unfounded stereotypes will be put forward to support a reasoning bordering on idiocy !

All this to discredit the transgender person, to influence them, to traumatize them with the sole aim of pushing them to stay in the closet. By using this strategy, the "anti-trans leader" will provoke "clan wars" within the family itself. Those who are in favor of the transgender person will oppose those who are against and the family risks tearing itself apart through the sole fault of a person unable to make the slightest effort to understand others.

But be aware that it is not your job to manage the lives of other family members. The only right you have is to think what you want and keep it to yourself. The transgender person is free to manage their life as they see fit without having to report to you. You are neither lord nor king !

In the end, the situation is very simple: you do not accept that the person lives their life and becomes who they have always felt they have been, no problem, leave them alone and make your life on your side. Believe me, she will be grateful to you.

You have the right not to speak to her anymore, to no longer receive her at home, to ignore her purely and simply, but you do not have the right to insult her, to humiliate her, to harass her, to hit her. nor to kick her out of her house. "Chez elle": this is the address entered in the civil status registers of the municipality where she lives. For her to be forced to leave this place, you will have to take legal action where you risk not only being dismissed because the reason invoked will be inadmissible, but also being convicted of an act of transphobia. Unfortunately for you, acts of transphobia are punishable.

So if you don't like being the parent of a transgender person that much, stop dating them but leave them alone. It's as simple as that.

But always keep in mind that your negative attitude towards a transgender person in your family will leave an indelible mark on that family unit. You will be solely responsible for the situation.

Fortunately, there aren't idiots in every family. Many are those who welcome and accept the transgender person with "open arms" and where all relationships are going very well. The transgender person will live his transition (very often difficult) in a much happier way because he will be able to count on the members of his family in the hardest moments.

It is thanks to such caring situations that many transgender people complete their transition in joy and shared happiness with their brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins and cousins. In some of these families, "rebirth" parties are even held to welcome the person into their new gender. It's just wonderful and congratulations to them !

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