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The dictatorship of schools not sensitized to trans identity

 can ruin the whole life of transgender children

who are not accepted and therefore not integrated.

The school environment of a trans* person

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For transgender children, school is often a painful obligatory passage because there is no legislative text that exists to allow them to experience their schooling in the gender they claim. The gendered toilets are a humiliation every time they have to go there because they are often not allowed to use the toilets of their gender and have to use those assigned to their assigned gender. There are also changing rooms for gymnastics classes which are also gendered. Going to the gym with the girls for an unoperated transgender girl is totally out of the question! Without counting on the daily misgendering because the teaching staff simply does not have the will to respect the child in his claimed gender.

These children are very often considered as bad pupils whereas very little effort on behalf of the company would enable them to have an excellent schooling. Since May 14, 2018, a support guide for transgender students in higher education has been published by the French Community Wallonia-Brussels. But, it is only a guide, not a decree. There is therefore no obligation for educational institutions. And yet! There is nothing less certain !

However, it should be kept in mind that a child, from the age of 4, knows how to say with certainty who he is. Not according to his external genital attributes which he has nothing to do with but according to what he feels intimate in the depths of his little being. No offense to a good number of child psychiatrists and psychologists with no training on the subject of transidentity and who would do better not to issue a catastrophic diagnosis for these matyrized children.

Ladies and gentlemen, members of the management of schools in the French Community,

Ladies and gentlemen, members of the teaching staff of these same establishments, here is a text of law which will inform you of your duties of respect towards the transgender children who attend your classes with a view to receiving there an instruction and a training which enable them to be, later on, fully integrated citizens in society.

Some still believe that there is nothing planned for secondary and primary education in which it is often necessary to fight to make the teaching body and its management admit that misgendering a transgender child is neither more nor less what a grave insult and humiliation.

The law of June 25, 2017 on transidentity, which came into force on January 1, 2018, has not improved the situation of these transgender children whom it has purely and simply made invisible. This state of affairs reinforces the management of schools and their teaching staff in their transphobic attitude with complete impunity.

The decree of December 12, 2008 of the French Community Wallonia Brussels published on January 13, 2009 relating to the fight against certain forms of discrimination.

This decree transposes into Belgian law five directives of the European Community which concern discrimination on the basis of race and ethnic origin as well as discrimination between men and women in equal treatment in the workplace, access to employment, training, professional promotion, working conditions, access to goods and services as well as the supply of goods and services.

Article 3 1° of this decree defines all the criteria protected by this regulation, namely: nationality, alleged race, skin color, ancestry or national or ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation, religious or philosophical conviction, disability, sex and similar criteria such as pregnancy, childbirth and maternity, or sex reassignment, gender identity and gender expression, marital status, birth, fortune, political belief, language, current or future state of health, physical or genetic characteristic, social origin or union belief.

Article 4 of this decree provides for its scope in different areas and point 2° mentions education.

And point 12° of article 3 could not be more explicit: "the education provided in the French Community, all types, all levels, all networks combined, regulated by it under the powers devolved to it in the matter in pursuant to Article 127, § 1, 2°, of the Constitution, insofar as this teaching corresponds to the education referred to in Article 149 of the Treaty establishing the European Community and to the vocational training referred to in Article 150 of the same Treaty".

Testimony of the parents of a little transgender girl

An 8-year-old child, pretending to be a girl for more than 3 years, is sociable, withdrawn, a bad student, often disrupting the class. His parents, who persist in not accepting their child's trans identity, end up consulting a psychologist who informs them that their child is in deep depression. It really wasn't hard to diagnose !

After talking about it among themselves, then with the association's transidentity referent, the parents finally decide to accept that their child can assert herself as a girl. Here is what her mom said the day this little girl received and put on her first dress:

"I saw her face light up and I immediately felt that she felt immense well-being!"

Since that moment, this little girl has become more cheerful, more fulfilled and above all has also become an excellent student, diligent, conscientious in her learning.

And the mother concluded by saying: "It's still the same child, my child, only the envelope has changed !"

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